Guidance for Year 13
Business Studies

AS and A2 Level Business Studies lays an appropriate foundation for further study of business or related subjects in higher education. It also provides individuals with a wealth of knowledge which is useful and applicable in the context of the workplace. The new AS/A2 Level specification provides a worthwhile course for candidates from diverse backgrounds in terms of general education and lifelong learning. Equally, the material studied will be useful to candidates intending to pursue a career in any area of business.


The aims of the current AS/A2 Level specification in Business Studies should encourage students to:
  • Develop a critical understanding of organisations, the markets they serve and the process of adding value.
  • Be aware that business behaviour can be studied from the perspectives of a range of stakeholders including customers, managers, creditors, owners/shareholders and employees.
  • Acquire a range of skills, including decision making and problem solving in the light of evaluation and, where appropriate, the quantification and management of information.
  • Be aware of the current structure of business and business practice, as reflected in events and issues affecting organisations in different sectors and environments, recognising that they face varying degrees of competition.

Scheme of Assessment

The scheme of assessment for AS/A2 Level Business Studies has a modular structure.
  • The AS award comprises three compulsory assessment units i.e. three modular papers taken at the end of the Lower Sixth year.
  • The A2 award comprises three compulsory assessment units i.e. three modular papers taken at the end of the Upper Sixth year.


The content of the A2 specification builds on topics introduced throughout the AS year of study. The main topic areas included in AS/A2 Level Business Studies are:
  • Marketing
  • Accounting and Finance
  • People
  • Operations Management
  • External Influences
  • Business Objectives and Strategy

Why choose AS and/or A2 Level Business Studies?
  • Business Studies is a subject which is relevant to almost all careers today.
  • Business Studies provides the student with knowledge which is useful in a variety of contexts.
  • Students undertaking AS/A2 Level Business Studies will be provided with opportunities to develop a wide range of skills, e.g. analytical, decision making, information technology and communication all of which will prove very useful in later life.
  • Business Studies is a very 'real' subject which relates closely to the world in which we live. Its practical application helps to motivate students and maintain their interest and enthusiasm for the subject during the two year period.