Assessment is an integral part of the educational process. Since our primary function is the promotion of learning and assessment lies at the heart of this process, then assessment is recognised as:
  • strengthening learning across the curriculum and throughout Key Stage 4 and Post-16
  • helping chart pupils' progress
  • facilitating effective target setting
  • providing a framework for educational objectives.
In St Michael's the four types of Assessment which we use are:

Formative     To enable positive achievement of students to be recognised.
Diagnostic    To enable students' strengths and weaknesses to be identified.
Summative    To facilitate systematic recording of pupils overall achievement.
Evaluative    To facilitate future planning by the school.

Subject teachers use a variety of assessment methods including continuous assessment, which may be carried out during class, homework, fieldwork, coursework or end of unit test.

A copy of the school's assessment policy is available to parents on request.


Parent/Teacher Meetings for each year group are held annually. Proposed dates for each meeting will be indicated in the Calendar which will be sent out to parents at the beginning of the school year.Parents will also receive a letter of invitation in advance detailing the arrangements for each Parent/Teacher Meeting.


St Michael's provides each pupil with a National Record of Achievement folder at the end of Year12 and an update at the end of Year 14. This record is a summary of academic progress and other significant achievements and experiences. It is compiled by pupil and teacher and is part of an ongoing process throughout the pupil's time at the school.