St Michael's Grammar School is a Catholic school and a Mercy school. Accordingly it seeks to foster an awareness of and a loving response to the dignity and uniqueness of each person. In St Michael's we strive to facilitate the development of informed, loving and discerning persons with a sense of social responsibility and a sensitive, active response to human need. We endeavour to preserve a positive environment in which justice is experienced and the concern for it at local and global level is fostered.

To achieve this we have the following aims:
1 To help each student develop into a whole person, a fully alive Christian, growing towards her/his full potential    - spiritual, moral, emotional, social, intellectual and physical.

2 To maintain a close association with the parents of our pupils, their first educators so as to ensure the fullest co-operation between home and school.

3 (a) To provide a carefully structured religious education programme through which the student may be helped to grow in the knowledge and practice of the faith and worship.
(b) To present as wide an academic curriculum as possible to meet the wide-ranging talents and abilities of the students.
(c) To encourage participation in sport; in the art of communication through drama, debating and public speaking; in music, vocal and instrumental; in art; and the countless other areas of education for leisure.
(d) To develop in our students an appreciation of their own self-worth and giftedness and of their privileges in life, together with a concerned awareness of those less fortunate at home and abroad. Opportunities are therefore provided for actively supporting those in need.
(e) To cultivate in each a sense of civic responsibility, of respect for the person and the property of others, a desire to preserve the good and the beautiful and to contribute positively towards their environment.
(f) To implement a system of pastoral care which exemplifies fairness, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness while at the same time setting high standards of respect, self-discipline, commitment and generosity.
(g) Through a comprehensive system of counselling and guidance, together with exposure to appropriate and wide-ranging experiences, to inspire the students and channel them into challenging careers suited to their talents and aspirations.

4 To develop and maintain a strong home-school partnership and to provide opportunities for ongoing and regular contact through parent-teacher meetings, school reports, informal visits, etc., thus fostering a sense of mutual responsibility.

5 (a) To form a well-integrated teaching team recognising our responsibility of exemplifying the ideals we are attempting to inculcate in our pupils.
(b) To uphold the traditions and ethos of our school and to contribute what we can towards preserving that atmosphere of harmony and goodwill in which growth can take place at every level.
(c) To develop good relationships and mutual respect between members of staff and between staff and students.
(d) To foster and cultivate a listening ear, sympathy, empathy and approachability so that all children can find a ready support and friendship.
(e) To avail of opportunities to improve our professional growth and creativity and to revive our personal dedication to our calling as educators.