Guidance for Year 13

Syllabus and Examination
  • At present the syllabus offered is Northern Ireland CCEA AS and Advanced GCE in Mathematics.
  • Students studying to AS level only will undertake 3 modules in Year 13.
  • Students studying to Advanced GCE level will undertake 6 modules, 3 will be covered in Year 13 and a further 3 modules in Year 14.
  • All students will undertake a combination of modules from the following three areas.
    1. Pure Mathematics
    2. Mechanics
    3. Statistics
  • All students (for AS or Advanced) will sit 3 modules at the end of Year 13. These modules will contribute to an AS grade.
  • All modules carry equal weighting and are examined through 1 ½ hour terminal papers containing 6-8 questions.
Subject Content
  • Pure Mathematics is the area of Maths which deals with topics similar to those studied for GCSE eg, Trigonometry, Algebra, Graphs, Sequences etc.
  • Mechanics is the area in Maths which deals with setting up Mathematical models (diagrams/eqn.s) to help solve a real world problem describing the effect of forces on various objects, (similar to some aspects of Physics).
  • Statistics is the area in Maths which deals with the collection, ordering and presentation of data (Data-handling) along with probability.
  • To study Mathematics at AS/Advanced Level it is strongly recommended that you have a grade A/A* in Higher Level GCSE Maths and that your teacher approves your choice.
  • You must be dedicated and committed to your studies, prepared to work hard (both in class and on your own) and to persevere when you encounter difficulties in solving problems.
  • An interest in Physics is beneficial though not compulsory.
  • It is important that you have liked and enjoyed this subject to date.
Additional items of interest
  • You will have the opportunity to partake in the Senior Heat of the UK Mathematical Challenges
  • A 2 Maths students may also engage in an outing organised by the Maths Department (eg to Dundonald Ice Rink)