Guidance for Year 13
Modern History

The study of Modern History to A2, requires the student to be able to communicate knowledge and understanding of history in a clear and effective manner. It provides the opportunity to develop skills of analysis and interpretation to enable the student to argue a case and arrive at a substantiated judgement. Students are required to work with source material and to be able to explain and evaluate interpretation of historical events, topics and issues studied.

Prior Learning

It is not a requirement that students have studied History at GCSE in order to take on AS or Advanced GCE course in the subject. The topics offered at AS and A2 are new to all students and require no prior knowledge. It is important to have an enquiring mind, an interest in the past and an ability to communicate ideas effectively. Students interested in AS level and A2 should have a Grade B or above in English because this is a literacy subject.

So should you continue your study of Modern History to A2? Here are some questions you might ask yourself.
  • Am I interested in studying the past?
  • Did I enjoy the GCSE History course?
  • Did I achieve (or hope to achieve) at least a grade B in History at GCSE?
  • Am I good at written work?
  • Do I like to read?
  • Am I good at working independently?
  • Am I interested in learning how to think for myself:?
  • Am I prepared to work hard and try to achieve success at A Level?

If you feel you might be interested in A2 Modern History, the provision for Curriculum 2000 offers you the opportunity to study one year to AS Level or two years to complete the full A Level examination.

The AS exam is composed of 3 modules from twentieth century America. The A2 exam consists of a further 3 modules making a total of 6 modules to complete the full A Level qualification.

AS Modules: Module 1: Boom and Bust; Economy and Society in the USA, 1917 - 33
Module 2: Pursuing 'Life and Liberty': Civil Rights in the USA, 1945 - 68
Module 3: Promise and Performance: FDR and the New Deal in the USA, 1933 - 45

A2 Modules: Module 4: The Age of Peel, 1832 - 46
Module 5: Coursework on Nineteenth Century Ireland
Module 6: Radicalism and the British State: The Chartist Experience 1838 - 50.

The study of Modern History at A2 teaches you:
  • to have an inquiring mind
  • to develop powers of analysis and argument
  • to understand why people are motivated to behave in a certain way
  • to make judgements based on an evaluation of evidence
  • to write in a fluent and coherent manner
  • to organise and present material in a fluent and ordered manner.

Students who have followed this course have found it intellectually stimulating challenging, rewarding and enjoyable.

A Level Modern History is accepted by all universities and it is recognised as a valuable subject for entry into a variety of courses. It provides an excellent foundation for a number of popular careers i.e. Law, Teaching, Journalism, Business Management, Government/Politics, Accountancy, Banking and Insurance, Politics, Research, Service Industries, Civil Service, Community Development, Management.