Guidance for Year 13

Pupils taking Music at A2 should enjoy and appreciate all musical styles and cultures through listening, analysing, performing and composing. Students need to display an eagerness to exercise their imagination and the acquisition of skills and knowledge by participating in a wide range of musical activities in school and in the community.

It is essential that pupils can perform to approximately Grade VI on at least one instrument. Where possible, students should have a second instrument as this allows them more choices ie. 'Optional Elements'. Regarding the ensemble activity, voice or second instrument, this should be approximately Grade VI level.

The course has been designed to:
  • build upon the knowledge, skills and understanding promoted by the programmes of study for music at key stages 1 to 3 and required by GCSE Music;
  • incorporate the fundamental musical activities of composing, performing and listening and appraising in a holistic manner through the teaching and learning modules;
  • accommodate the needs and interests of a wide variety of students by providing flexibility within the units of assessment;
  • promote knowledge, understanding and appreciation of past and present musical styles, traditions and contexts;
  • provide an appropriate body of knowledge, promote understanding and develop skills as a basis for further study or leisure, or both.
  • special emphasis is now placed on music technology options now available at AS and A2 level