Guidance for Year 13
Physical Education

AS PE offers a rounded, integrated course of study that provides the opportunity for personal development and improvement for each individual student. It will award you with the same points as any other AS subject and is recognised by Universities as having equal value. It adds breadth to your knowledge and understanding and shows a wider spectrum to your qualifications.

AS PE offers an opportunity for significant reward to the student who has good practical ability in sport, however you do not need to be a competitive sports person to be successful, you can choose Option B. Advanced Subsidiary Physical Education incorporates the assessment of both performance and knowledge of Physical Education. It also provides an opportunity to cover all Key Skills. The study of AS Physical Education is fun, interesting and challenging with an interesting and enjoyable AS syllabus that will appeal to those with a passion for sport.

AS PE is a one year course and is offered to students intending to study four AS subjects.

Course Content
Unit 1 Written Paper: Study of the Social Basis of Sport and Recreation
Section A UK and the European Context 15%
Section B Issues In Sport: The Olympic Case Study 15%
Unit 2 Coursework: Continual Assessment
Section A Skill Acquisition, three 600 word essays 12%
Section B Option A, performance evaluation in two chosen sports or Option B, a research project 20%
Section C Analysis of performance
Study of Local and National provision
Unit 3 Written Paper: Study of Exercise and Training 30%

The PE Department offers you:

AVCE Leisure and Recreation (Part Award)

Equal to one A level

Includes six units: three in Year 13, three in Year 14

Four units internally assessed. (Coursework)

Two externally assessed. (Examination)

AS/A2 Physical Education

You can choose this one year (AS) or continue for a second year (A2)

Includes six units: three in Year 13, three in Year 14

40% internally assessed (Coursework and practical application)

60% externally assessed (examination)

What can AVCE and AS/A2 in PE do for you?

It will provide a sound foundation for a career in:

Sport Science, Sport Psychology, Leisure Management, Sports Coaching and Management, Sports Business Management, Sports Technology, Sports Marketing, Sports Teaching, Health and Nutrition, Leisure and Tourism and many more.


It will offer a stimulating and satisfying course of study that complements many other subjects on the curriculum.