Global Achievers (What is it)
Global Achievers provides opportunities for students to participate actively in a wide range of Interdisciplinary educational experiences with their international partners.

Global Achievers students learn first-hand about economic competitiveness through the formation of school-based import/export companies. The program enables students to learn the commercial and entrepreneurial skills required to setup a company, identify products, discover marketing opportunities, explore manufacturing skills and then export products. The students also work with their school partners to identify, import, and market products from around the worl.

Technology plays a key role in both Global Achievers programs. Students use e-mail, the internet, and video conferencing to communicate with their global partners.

 Who is involved?
Northern Ireland

Lismore High School, Craigavon
Portadown College, Craigavon
St.Michael's High School, Craigavon

United States

Fayette County High School, Georgia
Troup County High School, Georgia

Global Achievers in St.Michael's

Year 14 AVCE Business Studies students will take part in the Global Achievers programme during the academic year 2002/03.

The above students will link with Troupe County High School, Georgia and will operate their business during the period of September - December 2002.

During the trading period the students will identify local (N Irish) products to export to Georgia, USA and will inport decorations for the festive market in Northern Ireland.

The programmes will allow students to develop their entrepreneurial and communications skills as well as fulfilling the Business Planning Unit of the AVCE Full Award Business qualification.

Programme Endorsements
"Achievers International will privide students with a unique opportunity to work on complex, real world projects and develop and apply interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. As our nation's workforce adopt to meet the challenges of the information age, it becomes critically important that our children possess the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace, The President and I salute all of you for having the vision and wisdom to invest in our children's future"
Al Gore, Vice President, USA

"The role of the government today is to equip people and business for the new economy in which we are going to live and work; to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship; to improve education; stimulate competition; and broaden access to the new technolgy. Achievers International is an exciting programme which will encourage the spirit of creativity, invention and entrepreneurship in young people. Combining practical experience with business theory, the schools and businesses involved with Achievers International will both benefit greatly from the scheme. Achievers International will help ensure that our full potential is realised"
Rt Hon Tony Blair, Prime Minister, UK