On Thursday evening St. Michael's Grammar School opened its doors to more than 200 prospective students and their parents. On arrival the parents were given the School Prospectus which outlines the courses on offer and the many varied activities in which students can participate during their time at St. Michael's. The school's orchestra provided a lively programme of entertainment prior to the Principal's address.

Mrs. Teresa Corr, the Principal, welcomed everybody and emphasised that Open Night is an opportunity for parents and students to sample the work being carried out in the school, to savour the atmosphere, to view the environment of a grammar school, to meet present students and to listen to their experiences of school life. She encouraged everyone to talk to the staff and students about the many and varied aspects of the academic, cultural, spiritual and sporting world of St. Michael's. Mrs. Corr reminded prospective students that St. Michael's is a progressive and visionary school, proud of its outstanding record of achievement and success which spans almost nine decades. She continued that the school is maintaining those very high standards with its present students and would expect that those who were selected to come to St. Michael's would subscribe to these same high standards and ideals. These standards are reflected in wide-ranging forms including League Tables which, though no longer published, indicate that St. Michael's has been ranked consistently among the best Grammar Schools in the North. They are also reflected in the ninety-seven students achieving university places last September after sitting' A ' Levels.

Academic success is not the only criteria for judging a school, she said. School life promotes the holistic development of the individual. St. Michael's strives to provide the ideal environment within which each student is encouraged to develop and grow academically, culturally, socially, personally and spiritually. In this context our students enthusiastically avail of opportunities to participate and excel in a wide range of extra-curricular and subject-related activities and competitions. The many accolades awarded to current students bear testament to their degree of involvement and their levels of success.

After the formal welcome the visitors were treated to a short musical interlude by the school Choir, the Irish Folk Group and the Irish Traditional Group.

Visitors enjoyed touring the school experiencing first-hand its excellent facilities meeting teachers and students to discuss life in St. Michael's.