A Welcome message from the Principal

Dear Parent

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you in my role as Principal of St. Michael's Grammar School. For three-quarters of a century St Michael's has played an exemplary part in preparing young people for key roles in the world in which they live and since becoming co-educational, St Michael's has been unique in County Armagh in providing a quality Grammar School education for both the Catholic boys and girls of this community. It has been successful in nurturing and passing on a rich tradition, strong ideals and a well-developed value system to its students.

I am proud to be leading St Michael's into the new Millennium. I hope to build on the work undertaken by present and previous staff and principals in creating, within St Michael's, an environment in which every student is enabled to become a caring, compassionate person with a sense of responsibility towards themselves and others whilst feeling valued, challenged and fulfilled.

I would hope that, from reading this Prospectus and from visiting St Michael's, you will gain a greater insight into our school, that you will recognise the commitment and dedication of our Staff, that you will be aware of the extensive curricular provision on offer and that you will be confident that every effort is made to ensure that the needs, abilities, aspirations and talents of every student entrusted to our care will be developed and realised. I would hope that you will confidently make St Michael's your choice. If you would like to know more about us we will be pleased to provide any further information and will welcome your enquiries.

Yours sincerely

Teresa Corr (Mrs)